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Welcome to the Hiero Experience: Pay What Supports You

As a lifelong learner and yoga teacher I am always looking for fresh ways to engage my student leaners and community.  The internet is full of yoga teachers and online options that may meet your needs, but for those who feel at home practicing with me and are looking to grow in their yoga practice  with me, I hope to eliminate any obstacle—particularly financial, class, or economic—that may prevent you from doing that.  I have continued my studies and growth into an Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher and one of my master teachers, Scott Blossom, demonstrates a pricing tool that I have included below from Worts & Cunning Apothecary—The Green Bottle.  From the day I opened my doors to Hierglyphics Yoga, I offered donation based classes—community class—and pay-what-you-can but I see this image and tool as a clear and transparent  invitation to allow learners to have a consistent yoga practice and for teachers to get paid for our work.  The first price listed is the full value of the class for those who can enroll with confidence.  The last price is for those who do not have the privilege of economic freedom.  The mid range is there for those might not identify with either description & find themselves somewhere in between: $25|$20|$15. The agreement operates on integrity and honesty and I trust you to get in where you fit in.  I look forward to seeing you on your mat.



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