Classes & Other Services

Group Class

$25 | 75 mins

Ayurvedic Hiero Yoga—seasonally appropriate— in person  at Saturn: Mvmt Lab

Community Corps | Private Group

$175 | 60 mins

For the small non-profit or small business. Corporate wellness for all. Also offered remotely.

Monday Meditations 

$15 | 45 mins

Gentle, repetitive movement, breathing techniques, and guided meditation

Group Private & Personal

$75/pp/60 mins 

Small group, private yoga.  Gather 3-5 of your folks and share your yoga practice where you are most comfortable.  Option to meet remotely.

Corporate Wellness | Private Group

$500 and 🆙 

Class shaped to meet the needs of your corporations.  Whether that be a yoga at your desk series, a yoga lunch break, or company retreat.  

This option  is Corporate Wellness  at its best: reinvesting in small, global majority owned, black woman stewarded, business. 

Speaking engagements, lectures, and workshops are also offered!  Send me a message & I’ll reach out so we can talk about what you’re looking for.  Topics include but are not limited :

Yoga as a Radical Healing Practiuce
Ayurvedic Yoga
Black Women and Yoga
Yoga and Identity
Yoga as a practice for peace
Revolutionary potential  of yoga
Power of Prana
Introduction to yoga
Introduction to Ayurvedic Yoga
Introduction to Pranayama
Introduction to Meditation

…or what do you have in mind?

Private & Personal

$125 | 60 mins 🪷$150 for couples

Private, one-one-one yoga class shaped to meet your individual need & want.  Includes consultation & session. Audi on & visual recordings may be made available for additional fees.