...an intimate practice; a warm, cultured space for our community to heal & grow in and through the practice of yoga; at HIEROGLYPHICS we emphasize the basic foundations of yoga; promote health & well being, strength & power, peace & love.  We offer classes with inspired  playlists to  help ground you in the challenging asanas and to soothe you when at rest.  HIEROGLYPHICS provides a room in which the community can easily access and experience the benefits of yoga practice.  

​ ...down the street from Loma Alta LA County Park & Community Center, around the corner from Altadena hiking trails, blocks from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and on the corridor leading to Altadena's  mountainside homes; HIEROGLYPHICS is in the belly of the community.  In that exact location and consciousness, we are looking to build our membership and provide consistent classes taught by experienced yogis  and competent instructors.      

 Studio founder and instructor (guide), Staci Mitchell, was raised In Altadena. She has alternately practiced Hatha yoga: Ashtanga, Power, Hot and Heated yoga for many years.  
"I was introduced to yoga by a systah-friend after the birth of my daughter in 1997 and have been practicing since.  In yoga, there is always room for growth. HIEROGLYPHICS is that natural extension...Where my highest and lowest selves are bound through The Creator. This is a space for healing and strengthening;  A space to safely meditate and to let go." 
Staci is also a  Performance Artist & Professor of Pan-African Studies at Cal State LA


practice. namaste.