As the name suggests, this class focuses on the basics:  form and foundation, breath and effort.  
 Intro to Vinyasa Flow & Power Practice--dynamic movement on breath.  Be prepared to sweat.A
All levels welcome. Both heated & unheated class offerings.

Building on THE BASICS, This class offers more challenging postures and sequencing. Nice for the experienced yogi with modifications to meet the beginner, HieroFlow is also a detoxifying sequence: Heat. Reverse. Revolve. Bind.
Signature HIEROGLYPHICS offering.
Half of this, half of that.  HieroFlow sequencing & Slowly, Gently's yield and surrender.

For the true yoga novice or when you just want to take it slow & easy on your mat.  Completely restorative; designed to let you simply Be on your mat, focused on the breath, surrendering to supported asanas (poses)  Unheated unless otherwise noted.

rising shine *new!*
Rise with the Sun & this energizing flow closed out by guided meditation.  Designed to ignite your body and center your spirit as you close out your work week and move into the weekend.  
no class lasses or montly membership accepted as forms of payment. $25 w/ 20% disc. for members
private & semi-private yoga